Leave your feline friend in our excellent care. We have an entire ward that's cat-only and never mix dogs and cats in the same area. Our guests enjoy spending time in our custom play area.

Each cat enjoys a private unit with litterbox and a cat-cave for relaxing naps.

Premium dry and wet foods are offered until we find one that your cat enjoys for breakfast and dinner. 

We only allow one cat in the play area at a time unless they come from the same home and the owner approves group playtime.

$16/ night

The Kitty Corner

Our head technician, Keelie, is the ultimate cat person and makes sure each visitor gets pampered. A few years ago she suggested we custom-build a floor-to-ceiling play jungle and lounge with toys, scratching posts and plenty of perches to sit and watch us work.

It has been a huge success! The cats love it - especially the screen-window perch. Time in our play area relieves boredom and stress, making your cat's stay more enjoyable. 

Cats who are with us for multiple days enjoy hours of private time in the play lounge.

How to Board

For the safety of our boarders, we require all cats to be current on all vaccines. 

If your cat received these vaccinations from a different clinic, bring your record with you the first time you board. Cats without proof of vaccination will need to be vaccinated upon arrival (no office visit required).

If you prefer to bring your own food please do so in a container labeled with your cat's name and include clearly written feeding instructions. 

If your cat is on any medication prescribed by us or another veterinarian, bring them so we can administer them during their stay. 

Call (205) 424-7387 to book your cat's stay!