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Dog Boarding Accommodations

Small Dog

The perfect size to help small dogs and toy breeds feel secure.

Each unit is padded with soft, thick bedding to keep your dog comfortable.

Good fit for:
1 Dog - 30 lbs & under
2 dogs - under 30 lbs total

Standard Run

These 21 sq. foot units are ideal for most dogs.

Each run includes stainless-steel water & food bowls as well as soft bedding.

Good fit for:
1 dog 20 - 80 lbs
2 dogs 20 - 50 lbs
3 dogs - under 65 lbs total


These spacious 35 sq. ft. units are 5 ft x 7 ft, giving even the largest dog plenty of room.

Raised beds in each unit are perfect for dogs with arthritis (or couch kings). 

Good fit for:
1 dog 80 lbs and up
2-3 dogs 65 lbs and under


The largest unit we have. These 50 sq. ft. units are great for the whole doggy family!
Feature raised beds, fluffy blankets and plenty of room to play.

Includes a free bath!

Good fit for:
2 dogs - 65-80 lbs each
3 dogs - 65 lbs each
3+ small to medium dogs

Reserve early - only 2 units available

Call us (205) 424-7387 to reserve a unit!

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